Signs of Use

What are the signs?

  • Changes in mood or behavior - moodiness, depression, anxiety, irritability, withdrawal from family, school or social activities, increased time alone, impulsiveness.
  • Changes in school performance and behavior - cuts classes, gets lower grades, loses interest in school or extracurricular activities.
  • Changes in friends - no longer associates with friends, reluctant to bring friends home or have you meet them.
  • Injuries - falls, bruises, accidents. Any unexplained injury is a serious warning.
  • Evidence of paraphernalia - pipes, rolling papers, matches, lighters; inhaling products and accessories, such as hairspray, nail polish remover, paper bags, common household products, or compressed air for cleaning computers.
  • Masking products - use of incense, room deodorants or perfume; bottles of eye drops; new use of mouthwash or breath mints.

It is likely that there will be NO visible signs of early experimentation.